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Welcome! Bring the fascinating story of Canada's Siberian Expedition into your classroom. Strengthen students' critical thinking and primary-source research skills. Expand the boundaries of discourse on the First World War beyond the Western Front and Armistice Day. It's easy with these user-friendly Lecture Notes, PowerPoint slides, Tutorial Readings, and Essay/Exam questions.


Lecture Notes

PowerPoint Slides in PDF / PPT format

These engaging slides combine rich images and a selection of textual material. They are designed to be used as a complete package in a lecture, but feel free to adapt.

Student Handout:Timeline of Canada's Siberian Expedition

Tutorial Readings

  • Benjamin Isitt, "Mutiny from Victoria to Vladivostok, December 1918." Canadian Historical Review 87, no 2. (June 2006), 223-264. PDF

  • Timothy C. Winegard, “The Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force, 1918-1919, and the Complications of Coalition Warfare,” Journal of Slavic Military Studies 20, 2 (2007): 304.

  • Ernest Zitser, "'A Dirty Place for Americans to Be”: Images of the Russian Civil War in Siberia from the Robert L. Eichelberger Collection at Duke University Libraries," Slavic and Eastern European Information Resources, 10, no. 1 (2009), 29-44.


Essay/Exam Questions:
  • • Why did the Canadian government intervene in the Russian Civil War?
  • • Critically discuss the Canadian government's rationale behind the Siberian Expedition.
  • • What tensions existed on the Canadian homefront in relation to the Siberian Expedition?
  • • Discuss the motivations behind the Victoria mutiny of 21 December 1918.
  • • Discuss the interaction between the Allied occupation and the partisan insurency in the Russian Far East.
  • • Why did the Canadian goverment refuse authorization for a troop movement into the Siberian interior in 1918-19?
  • • Discuss the legacy of the Siberian Expedition.
  • • Why was the history of the Canada's Siberian Expedition forgotten?
Short Answer Questions:
  • • Identify and briefly define:
    •             the Canadian Expeditionary Force (Siberia)
    •             the Victoria Mutiny
    •             the Bolshevik Government
    •             Allied Intervention in the Russian Civil War
  • • Who was the commander of the CEFS?
  • • How many Canadian troops deployed to Vladivostok with the CEFS?
  • • Who was Canada supporting in the Russian Civil War?
  • • What groups objected to the Siberian Expedition in Canadian society?

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